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Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, the rules may not be as clear as they might be. These questions may help to clarify some of the issues that have been brought to our attention in the past.

If your question is not answered in these FAQs, contact the Competitions Chair. If your answer can be found here, you may not receive a reply.

We can only offer suggestions, but covers that represent the category in which they are entered seem to do best.

If the book is cross-genre work, say an erotic fantasy, you could place it in the Erotica category or in the Fantasy/Paranormal category. If your cover for this book is highly erotic, say, nekkid people in a tight clutch, then Erotica is probably the best choice. If it's got more Fantasy elements, like a dragon, a witch's caldron, maybe magic handcuffs, it could go into Fantasy/Paranormal very comfortably.

Think it over and select the category where you believe your cover fits best.